Qualified A.F.​

Why Punk Rock Electric?

It’s two questions if you really think about it: one, why is the company called Punk Rock Electric, and two, why should I pick Punk Rock Electric to do the job? 

The name embodies the same honest, energetic, DIY, anti-big corporation spirit of punk music — and the artistry of it — channeling it into quality electrical work, at a fair price, with craftsmanship and an attention to detail. It’s also about acceptance and inclusion. Punk welcomes everyone but it speaks to those apart from the flock; says diversity is our strength; we can strive to co-exist; I’m gonna be me, everybody rock-on! You get it. Punk rock saved me as a kid. It’s part of who I am.

So, who’s that? Well, first, I’m Qualified A.F. Sadly, anyone shady enough can get their mitts on a contractor’s license…or make one up. I went to lots of school, spent lots of hours (years, actually) doing electrical work, and passed a big, fat test.

I’m a certified General Electrician through the California Department of Industrial Relations and graduated in the top of my class from a formal electrical apprenticeship. I’m creative, and adaptive with the attention to detail required to work in your home or business and experienced in everything from old, old houses, to high-end custom builds; retail leasehold improvements to commercial kitchens… even hot tub manufacturing.

The answer to the second question – why should I use Punk Rock Electric for my project? Well, it’s the same as the first question when you think about it.

Punk Rock Electric is fully insured and will prove it anytime.

DIY electrical…that’s scary. Hiring an electrician doesn’t have to be.

My advice? If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t mess with electricity. If something goes wrong, it’s not the headache of re-doing it, a clean-up job, or rescue call to a pro you need to worry about. Typically, with electricity, there are no do-overs. When you goof-up or something goes south, you end up with dead, ‘never the same since,’ on fire, a time bomb or some combination.

Electricity is no joke; I take my work seriously and I’m anal about getting every part of every project right. You’ll see that on the outside where screws are aligned; rest assured, the inside is just as exact.




Based in South Park, San Diego

Tony’s worked in most everything including residential and commercial ground-up new construction, remodels, leasehold improvements, and both AC and DC equipment. The owner of a century-old house himself, he takes a special interest in helping similar home owners in updating and repairing their electrical systems.